Taylor Swift reportedly working on a new album

However the star has been keeping a mysteriously low profile lately, which has led to speculation about her future plans.

Where in the world is Taylor Swift? But her pal Ed Sheeran did tell BBC News that Swift is at work on new music, so there is that. The Entertainment Tonight quoted a sourced saying that Swift is actually busy working on her new album.

An insider went on to say she is happy to be away from social media. Swift, who has residences in New York City and Nashville, is also reportedly in the midst of refurbishing her Tribeca penthouse. The songstress attended the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show during the New York Fashion Week a year ago to support her supermodel friend.

Taylor Swift, known for her upbeat pop songs and breakup ballads, has always been a standard setter and record breaker throughout her career. The "Blank Space" singer had been regularly posting since before the last photo she had put up on her account.

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The last truly public appearance Taylor made was playing before the Super Bowl back in February! Swift last released an album in 2014 and based on her production history, the "Wildest Dreams" singer gives an average of two years as gaps for new album releases.

The source finished off by adding fans can look out for the album at the end of this year, which really isn't even that far off.

With all this backlash, it could be reasonable that Swift is waiting for things to settle before returning to the public eye with her "goody-two-shoes" persona.

  • Stacy Houston