Escape of cattle from St. Louis slaughterhouse spurs roundup

St. Louis police spotted the cattle running along Grand Avenue and worked throughout the neighborhood to coral them for several hours.

It took animal control officers and Humane Society staff about four hours to capture all six of the escaped cattle.

Workers on Thursday afternoon, March 30th are working to wrangle six cattle that escaped from a slaughterhouse!

"It's just so incredibly sad". Three other three cattle were at Branch 21st.

New York-based Farm Sanctuary and an animal-rescue organization in New Jersey are offering to take in the renegade bovines. Comedian Jon Stewart and his wife rescued a bull named Frank that escaped from a Queens slaughterhouse previous year and turned it over to the sanctuary. The slaughterhouse's owner says those rescue groups can have the crafty cattle, if the price is right.

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"If anyone wants to buy them that's fine", Hamdan said Thursday.

Each animal is priced at around $1,800 depending upon how much they weigh.

While the cattle have been corralled, a vegetarian St. Louis man has launched a GoFundMe account to "Save Chico and Friends".

The cattle got loose through a door at the slaughterhouse, according to Fourth District Capt. Renee Kriesmann.

  • Marjorie Miles