Dixie Carter congratulates The Hardy Boyz

Multiple sources are reporting that the Hardys will be hitting WWE very soon, perhaps as soon as the next three nights.

However, WrestleMania hosts The New Day came out just before the match and announced it was now a fatal four-way. That team? The Hardy Boys, making their long-awaited return to WWE.

After duking it out with their competitors, the duo capped of their return by claiming the tag team belts.

Matt and Jeff Hardy were signed to the WWE, then the WWF, in 1998.

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That is probably why Jeff Hardy said in an interview last week that they were not re-signing with the WWE and would not leave the indie scene until the end of the summer.

After a brutal match that saw a psychotic Swanton through ladders from Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy grabbed the Raw Tag Team Titles, winning the match.

After months of speculation, The Hardy Boyz finally returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 in the most emphatic of ways. They teased a comeback after ROH Supercard of Honor, referencing tag teams they want to take gold from. This saw the Hardys get brought in as a surprise team in the Ladder match for the Raw Tag Team Championship. The return of the Hardy Boyz had everyone buzzing even though their return was a rumour doing the rounds but always better to see them live in action. In one Matt clearly slips into the Broken character, using the specific speech patterns and accent is known for, along with some of his catchphrases.

  • Stacy Houston