Twitter makes room for more characters in tweets

On Thursday, Twitter has announced 140-character limit for social media posts. People replying to someone or a group will no longer have the usernames included in the Tweet's 140 character count.

The microblogging site also stated that the username will appear above the tweet text rather than with the tweet itself, so one has more characters to have conversations. Users can tap on "Replying to..." to see and control who's part of any specific conversation.

One more pressing issue is that the change will make it possible to create massive "Twitter Canoes", a general term for conversations with more than three users.

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The new update will be rolling out now on as well as on Twitter for iOS and Android. To start with, it has now eased the 140 character limit to exclude handles in replies, on any conversation on its platform. Now this will be replaced by the name of the person you're replying to hovering over the tweet, like for instance: "Replying to TechnoBuffalo". Twitter also said it would stop counting usernames, but the change did not go into effect until now. According to Twitter, this change will make things less cluttered as it will allow you to focus on the discussion "rather than seeing lots of @usernames". Professor Tressie McMillan Cottom said in a Medium post that it made it more hard for her to combat harassment on the service. While Twitter was touting it's the third time it has moved to expand the character limit since Jack Dorsey came back to the helm, some argued the character limit will continue to limit its growth.

This past September, Twitter made another change to the way it counts 140 characters in tweets. Plus, it would have defeated the entire concept of Twitter to begin with: sending out small bursts of information or thoughts to other people on the internet. This has been seen as a way to encourage more use and sharing of pictures, videos and links. Twitter has disclosed that usernames of people or @usernames will not be counted in the character limit of Tweets and replies.

  • Regina Walsh