Trump administration seeks delay in ruling on climate plan

Flanked by coal miners and coal company executives, Trump proclaimed his "Energy Independence" executive order at the headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency.

"I cannot tell you how many jobs the executive order is going to create but I can tell you that it provides confidence in this administration's commitment to the coal industry", Kentucky Coal Association president Tyler White said.

Speaking in Brussels, former Brazilian environment minister Izabella Teixeira said Mr Trump's decision was a mistake.

Many nations reacted to Mr Trump's plan with dismay and defiance, saying a vast investment shift from fossil fuels to clean energy such as wind and solar power is under way, with benefits ranging from less air pollution to more jobs. But the plan wasn't fully implemented: states including Florida sued and the plan was tied up in court. For North Dakota, the plan was asking too much too fast. "There are no emergency rooms for planets", he said.

But, it's not being enforced right now anyway - because it's held up in court.

Expect to hear a lot more about the Clean Power Plan in the coming years - and more than likely, it will come in the context of legal action. At EPA headquarters on Tuesday, they focused on coal-mining jobs. The EPA will also have to go through public comment periods and other procedures that can take years.

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The US is poised to compete in energy markets while abiding by the agreement's calls for emissions reductions in part due to its increasing reliance on natural gas, which produces energy with fewer emissions, Trelenberg said.

"So, it's a lengthy process for BLM to consider all of the factors related to each lease", he said.

PSO, for example, only has one coal unit left.

"C'mon, fellas. You know what this is?"

View the full executive order here.

"We are willing to work with the worldwide community to strengthen dialogue and cooperation, to join hands to promote the process of tackling climate change to jointly promote green, low carbon sustainable development for the whole world, to create an even better future for the next generation". California and NY have issued a joint statement saying they will continue to combat climate change with the governors of both states saying the President's stance is "profoundly misguided and shockingly ignores basic science".

  • Ronnie Bowen