Not end of world, but Raiders move is disappointing

The news of the move may have cost them some fans in the Bay Area, but winning could help them keep most of Raider Nation. If the owner had been more proactive - you can only make a deal when the owner wants to make a deal. "They stayed with us at least one year in Oakland when we were still there".

On Monday, NFL owners approved the relocation of the Raiders from Oakland to Southern Nevada by a 31-1 vote. "I give Mr. Foley a lot of credit, because he put in a lot of hard work for those couple years to get to a place where the National Hockey League said, 'Let's do this'". After all, UNLV has called Las Vegas home since the mid-1960s, and the issues have been minimal. Ian Rapoport said Monday on NFL Network that the 49ers would definitely be open to sharing the stadium with the Raiders for the 2019 season, and possibly even 2018. Like Las Vegas, the Raiders franchise cherishes its infamous outlaw reputation. "We're not going to put players in a position in which we think there is an unreasonable risk of injury". But Rams fans in Hawaii are now much closer to their team's home games, and the Raiders' impending move is especially beneficial to fans here. But there's worry that with the announcement of the move, unless the Raiders can play themselves into Super Bowl contention right away, the fans will completely reject the team and no one will show up to the games, leaving a lot of money on the table and forcing the Raiders to move early for economic reasons.

In fact, Oakland and the East Bay are the real winners in this move of greed by Davis and company.

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Johnston told HuffPost since the Raiders are a "famous brand", they likely have dilution and tarnishment rights, which means they could argue that having a brothel associated with the brand might tarnish its image.

Tommy White of Laborer Union Local 872 and member of the stadium authority said, "We haven't had a project as big as this since the Las Vegas City Center". But I guess we're going to spend it on the Raiders ... He has only tried to extort the city and its residents of money that could go toward things that matter like failing infrastructure, police, schools and an increasing homeless problem.

"Too many dang Cowboys, Niners, Seahawks and Patriots fans here", Thompson said. "Subsequent seasons have yet to be determined", the team wrote. "We're just the loyal fans". According to Davis, the Raiders committed $500 million toward the new stadium while $750 million will come from a hotel tax passed by the Nevada Legislature in October. If the National Football League schedule-makers are smart, and I think they are, they'll slate Tennessee or whatever National Football League team Mariota happens to be on at the time at Las Vegas whenever UH is at UNLV.

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