National Basketball Association teams that might draft Lonzo Ball

The father of ex-UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball is shopping television projects in hopes of landing a reality show and a documentary.

While Dekker and Kaminsky were never viewed as having the same natural talent and ceiling as Lonzo, they were still the No. 18 and No. 9 overall picks who had proven themselves over stellar college basketball careers.

What may have started as an honest attempt to drum up National Basketball Association interest for his son Lonzo, a projected Top 3 pick in the upcoming draft, has cascaded into the formation of his own celebrity and mass attention around his family. "He'll say stuff like that back home, he's just not going to the media and saying it like that". His offensive extremely impressive and he constantly made the extra pass when his team needed it. "They asked me a question about, do I think superstar players' kids are good".

You're probably sick of hearing about LaVar Ball by now, and frankly, I don't blame you.

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If all goes right in my own life, I will be a sports broadcaster and maybe I will have a son or daughter who will be a prominent athlete. Does he not realize that when his kids go to the pros the other players in the locker room, because of LaVar, will alienate them? The rest of us will catch up toward the end of Lonzo's rookie contract, at which point LaVar will be demanding he be paid more than the GDP of most European countries.

"What if Lonzo Ball doesn't play that much?". It's of course entirely possible that LaVar Ball's out-there approach will be detrimental to his sons' careers, but we can't know that, at least not this early. So, one word of advice I can give LaVar is this: the day Lonzo wins more that LeBron and scores more than Curry, then you can talk.

The same could be said for the Lakers, who have tinkered with the starting backcourt all season in hopes of getting the most out of D'Angelo Russell.

Strip away all the theatrics associated with the Ball family and set aside whatever critiques of a broken and corrupt system his act is making, and what you are left with is simply a man being a cruel bully. Is Lonzo Ball destined for glory in Los Angeles? I also won't write a knee-jerk reaction about De-Aaron Fox being better Lonzo (because he is not).

  • Regina Holmes