Bungie makes it official…Destiny 2 is coming soon!!!

In what is sure to excite fans of Bungie's MMO Destiny, Bungie has given the first official confirmation that Destiny 2 is in the works.

Just a day after officially announcing Destiny 2, Bungie is back with a cinematic trailer.

A sequel has been a long time coming, since the game's release in 2014 there have been several expansions, most recently The Rise of Iron, that have expanded its features and allowed players to achieve a new maximum light level. There's no trailer or screenshots either, and aside from the image above and the leaked poster, nothing is known about the game.

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That particular leak pointed to a release date on September 8, which would be nearly exactly three years after the launch of the first game.

Information regarding the highly anticipated sequel to the popular game, DESTINY, has been slowly rolling out. Overall, we want a fully immersive world with true open-world elements, a bunch of content, and variety on all fronts, such as missions, armor, and weapons. We already know that Destiny will force players to leave pretty much all their gear behind, so it makes sense the game would facilitate this from a lore perspective by destroying the Tower and the vaults it contains.

PlayStation have also confirmed that Destiny 2 is set offer PS4-Exclusive content for a limited time, much like the original. As remembered, the first Destiny game was never released to PC despite the enormous demand for the said platform. However, it is expected that both Activision and Bungie are planning to expand the demand of the franchise. It highlights the Earth's Last City on fire. With the announcement that the upcoming video game will be a full reset for old and new players, the launch of a PC version could expand the player base of the game. A graphic states, "Get exclusive Destiny 2 content on PS4 with fine print that reads, "Timed exclusive content until at least Fall 2018". Bungie hasn't confirmed whether or not this release date is accurate. That revelation comes via a tacked-on stinger to today's Destiny 2 teaser via the PlayStation YouTube channel.

  • Regina Walsh