Las Vegas casino panic over suspected robber in pig mask

According to Daily Mail, a very popular casino and hotel from Las Vegas, Bellagio, is locked down after receiving reports of a gunman.

The casino and hotel was put on lockdown as reports of an "active shooter" circulated. No injuries were reported as a result of the burglary.

Las Vegas police said in a statement Saturday that a preliminary investigation suggested that at least three people entered the store and one of them fired gunshots. The suspects stole "valuable" items from the store.

According to other reports, it is possible that the suspects attempted to rob the Rolex watch store in the hotel.

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The police officials are still investigating the incident which appears to be a burglary either at the Rolex store or in the casino itself. The suspects tried to drive away but their vehicle wouldn't start so they ran on foot and tried to carjack a driver before running as the carjacking attempt failed, the Sun reported.

Police did not specify in which store the incident occurred, only that it was a high-end retailer.

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  • Phil Peters