Putin meets France's Le Pen in Moscow, says won't interfere in election

President Vladimir Putin held a surprise meeting Friday with France's far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, yet dismissed suggestions that Russian Federation aims to influence the election in her favor.

Before Ms Le Pen's meeting with Mr Putin, she insisted that she was in favour of developing relations with Russian Federation and called for cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

The French elections are fast approaching - and with them comes the threat of right-wing populist France, led by Front National leader Marine Le Pen.

"On the one hand, Marin Le Pen shows that she can contact such a hard state as Russian Federation, which is very important for European politicians now, as many people say that Russian Federation is a very big threat to the world".

One of Russia's main news agencies Interfax tweeted: "BREAKING: The Kremlin announces a Russian bank will finance Marine Le Pen's electoral Le Pen".

She made the unsubstantiated claim that Ukrainian soldiers were targeting civilians in Russia-occupied parts of eastern Ukraine in what she called "a war crime".

She also supported Russian efforts in the fight against terrorism. While Republican rival Francois Fillon has said he would seek to rebuild ties with Russia, Le Pen has outdone him in calling for close relations. The new headline reads: "Le Pen isn't afraid of anything". "I think it would be helpful to share intelligence between our countries", she said.

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The French politician, who is now at the top of the polls for the first round of the elections, arrived in Moscow early on Friday and met officials from the Duma's worldwide affairs committee.

After the meeting, Le Pen told reporters that "it's now the world of Putin, the world of Donald Trump", according to The Guardian.

"As far as the situation in Ukraine is concerned, I have been one of the few politicians in France who have pressed for their own viewpoint on Ukraine, identical to Russia's".

In an interview previous year with CNN, Le Pen said she was left with no choice after French banks turned her down.

Le Pen is expected to easily make it to the second round of voting on 7 May, as she is now neck-and-neck in first round voting intentions with centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron.

"The French and German elections are two crucial points this year".

"We felt they understood each other, " he said. "His foreign policy will be based on this", Kasyanov said.

  • Megan Austin