New update for PS4, Xbox One and PC from Rockstar

New update for PS4, Xbox One and PC from Rockstar


That update added 20 new stunt races, and the ability to burn rubber as the Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000, and Blazer Aqua cars, and now Rockstar is adding even more to the quirky little racing game they're building inside GTA Online. A thriving performance culture has since flourished, whereby hobbyist entertainers have crafted television shows, short films and documentaries that have been watched by hundreds, thousands and even millions of viewers in turn.

After the Cunning Stunt update released, new series of update coming to "GTA 5 Online" game.

According to a report from N4BB, it is believed that the latest installment of "GTA" will be having the same basic gameplay principles as the Rockstar Games' earlier versions of "GTA".

Big thanks to prolific stunter Ash Skyqueen for alerting me to this one.

GameSpot details that this week's "GTA 5 Online" patch highlights the unique abilities of vehicles such as the Ruiner 2000, Blazer Aqua, and Rocket Voltic.

With the release of this update, Rockstar gave some hints about the updates in coming weeks as well. A super vehicle was also added t the game with this update. The new update will also be launching ahead of the main GTA 5 Online summer DLC release.

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The Runner Update will likely to follow the old pattern that previously used on several "GTA 5 Online" updates.

This will mean the likes of the Turismo Classic and the Infernus Classic, as well as the Resurrection and Top Down Adversary Modes. "Look for even more updates coming to GTA 5 Online in the weeks ahead, including additions to the previous features.Plus, insane new modes like the Resurrection and Top Down, as well as a collection of oft-requested classic GTA rides, including one particularly morbid muscle auto".

According to Rockstar, there are a few more updates now in works that will add up more new vehicles to the game.

Finally, a new vehicle is also added to "GTA 5 Online" via this new update. The update will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Rockstar Games' popular action-adventure online game "GTA 5 Online" is set to receive another major update this month.

At this point, it is still unclear what other new additional features are being planned for the game.

  • Kyle Warner