How Walking Dead History Made Daryl and Maggie's Moment Even More Heartbreaking

She might be pissed about it, but Rosita is left outside the Sanctuary in episode 14 of The Walking Dead's seventh season. In the official trailer for the upcoming episode titled "The Other Side", the series picks up on the previous conversation between Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Rosita (Christian Serratos), both of whom have a personal bone to pick with Negan for killing Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). "People look at the show through many different lenses", said Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron. Directed by Michael Satrazemis, "The Other Side" sees the story split off into groups of two who are moving forward with their agendas. Or is it a bit more complicated than that? The whole thing went down essentially according to plan, albeit sooner than expected. Yes, we know she just landed a starring role in another show, but there's no rule against starring in two shows, right?! This all could be some really long play of a crossover with Star Trek and maybe we made a huge agreement with CBS All Access and a portal will be open. Enid, who is a teenager at least half Sasha's age, was the voice of reason, telling Sasha that her plan will fail without a lot of people, but Sasha didn't listen, and she and Rosita escaped through a secret passage as Saviors arrived.

"It's just a small scene". And yes, they are bonded now - and The Family grows even tighter. If they ask him to become a leader of sorts there, he will because what he's getting out of it is everything he wants, which is to be safe. McDermitt discussed Eugene's "cockroach"-like survival impulses; Cohan discussed Maggie's reaction to Glenn's death, and the life inside her that drives her on; and Masterson recalled jumping back into action-packed Atlanta days shortly after giving birth". I'm drawing a blank here: did Abe give the necklace Rosita gave him to Sasha? Rosita, Sasha, and Jesus all hide the truth from her. Things are going to get even more tense. She decided it wasn't Rosita's time yet, choosing to potentially sacrifice herself instead. Coming together for the same objective is a great thing! In the comics, Holly was captured after unsuccessfully trying to kill Negan.

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"(The finale) is exciting and it's very emotional and I believe it's amusing in a couple parts, and it builds and builds and builds and it explodes", Gimple says.

If there's one relationship stands to hurt our favorite gang of survivors, that's the one between Daryl and Maggie, not the issues between Rosita and Sasha. "So, we're going through a desert somewhere and I jump off the bus". The sad part about that scene was when the Savior left and Daryl broke down and said he was sorry because Glenn died.

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