Syria 'air raid on mosque kills 42' in Aleppo province

It said at least 35 people were killed.

The airstrike on the mosque came a day after suicide attacks in the capital, Damascus, killed at least 30 people on the sixth anniversary of the start of the Syrian conflict.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said most of those killed in the Thursday evening raid on the village of Al-Jineh, in the northern province of Aleppo, were civilians.

Thomas later clarified that the precise location of the strike was unclear, but that it was the same one widely reported to have targeted the village mosque. "The mosque does not appear to be damaged following the strike", he said. Both Russian and Syrian planes in addition to American-led air power are conducting operations against terrorist units in the area. Syria's Bar Association said that 16 lawyers were among those killed in the attack. He said the Pentagon would investigate any credible allegations it received.

However, he said an investigation would be launched to determine whether any civilians had been killed or injured in the strike on what the United States military said was a meeting of al-Qaeda militants in the province of Idlib on Thursday. Drones also showed local residents moving bodies out of the building that was hit and towards the still standing building next door.

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Reuters was unable to independently verify whether the mosque may have suffered any structural damage that could be hard to see from an aerial image.

Syrians walk out of a building, identified as a mosque by a plaque seen at the entrance, following a reported USA air strike in the village of Al-Jineh late on March 16, 2017.

She continued, "They say that dozens of people were killed in the strike there and that several people are believed to be still alive under the rubble". Russian and Syrian aircraft are known also to operate in the opposition-held region.

Davis said the USA military had not yet seen any credible allegations of civilian casualties, including on social media. The group has branches in other countries.

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