The Flash season 3, episode 16

Clearly outmatched, Jesse and H.R. realize that the metal may be the only thing that can harm Savitar and she uses it to stab the villain which wounds him as he runs off. By the end of episode, he's claimed yet another: new speed force resident Jay Garrick.

But season three Barry is far more measured. "So it's a pretty different Speed Force experience than a year ago".

Overall, "Into the Speed Force" is a good installment with some mediocre elements. The Flash (GRANT GUSTIN) takes it upon himself to zip into the Speed Force and break Wally out, by hook or by crook. He will see Ronnie (Robbie Amell) and Eddie (Rick Cosnett) in Speed Force. While there is no way Barry could have ever predicted Thawne would come for him from the future like that, it was something that the character would have never been involved with if it weren't for Barry.

According to TV Line, the first time Barry entered the Speed Force was in May Kevin's directed "The Runaway Dinosaur". Well, tonight we send him back to the Speed Force for a hypno-artistic journey into the mind, the past, the dead and regret.

Sometimes the reappearance of deceased characters has a contrived feel to it in an episode. The character is facing his toughest challenge yet, but there should be no sympathy for Barry because he created all of this at the beginning of season 3 out of pure emotion. Their images provided the necessary impetus to help push Barry forward. Alas, the only way to get Wally out of the speed force prison is for someone to take his place. He was left suffering from the torture of seeing his dying mother on repeat.

Savitar earlier told The Flash about the prophecies. It will be intriguing to see how Wally's able to heal from this.

What I'm really impressed with is how nobody came off looking bad in this episode. Iris has some great dialogue on this, which culminates with her saying she wants to be Barry's wife. Travelling away from her fills everyone with a tension that lingers long after Barry departs. He's obsessed with saving her to the point that he's willing to sacrifice what could be their last days together.

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Patton also said that Iris' choice about the engagement will be solidified in this week's episode. According to the synopsis, Barry and others are shocked to see Mon-El and Hank Henshaw arrive on their planet with a comatose Supergirl who is in a state extreme intoxication by the Music Meister. Yeah, after everything, Barry decides to halt his relationship with Iris.

- Cisco: "To infinity and beyond".

- The Time Wraiths were a little weak. Joe pops in and asks Barry what's going on between them.

- Jesse (after punching HR): "That was oddly satisfying".

"I'm no hero. Not lately". And it's Jesse who discovers that Savitar has a weakness.

- Jesse: "This is for Wally". "He thinks it's what he deserves, to spend the rest of eternity in the Speed Force". But there was once a time when the DC heroes were known for being inspirational figures, idealized versions of humanity that spoke to our better natures.

- Three speedsters were a lot for Central City, though that was a quick shift from three to only one with Jesse going to Earth-3 (a bit contrived way to get rid of her) and Wally recovering from his torture. "He's just a man". I think we're there now, and this episode did it. I thought Wally would save you. Don't get me wrong, that's an important piece of this puzzle. "Not by changing it, but by erasing it". Read if you want to know more. That's not very romantic!

  • Stacy Houston