People are hilariously confused about these weird Topshop jeans

The $95 trousers feature clear plastic kneecap covers sewn into the denim.

Mom jeans are back. just this time they have see through, clear knees.

The "Clear Knee Mom Jeans" (RRP $134.07) feature slick plastic panels over the knees for "a futuristic feel", because apparently the future comes with a denim shortage, and this was the only solution that didn't start an intergalactic war.

Called "the mullet of the jeans world" by reviewer PartyMomJeans, Topshop's latest design is certainly attracting attention. "Or they might be trying for the style that's favored now by retro 90s fans-high waisted jeans, etc. -and they think it will appeal to a younger set, such as those fond of Kawaii or the cutesy Japanese styles".

If these jeans take off - gone are the days where you could go days without shaving your legs.

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It's unclear how many people have actually bought them. These jeans which will cost 49 of your English pounds (95 of your American dollars) for a pair of jeans with at least a third of the material missing.

Who is going to wear them?

The unique denim styles are definitely different. I just place him in my lap and any spit up rolls right off my knees!

If you can't resist you can get a pair here.

  • Stacy Houston