Thousands of CIA spy files posted online

As the fallout from the revelations continues, journalist Trevor Timm pointed to the silver lining on Wednesday, writing in an op-ed for the Guardian that the leaks show encrypted-messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp withstood the CIA's hacking efforts. USA intelligence agencies have concluded that the hacked emails were obtained and then given to WikiLeaks as part of a cyber campaign orchestrated by the Kremlin. This is the equivalent of saying that if your house is broken into and bugged, whispering softly on your phone in your bedroom is not going to make that conversation secure.

In response, Apple (goog) issued a statement that appeared to validate the claims published by WikiLeaks, and also claimed the company believes it has fixed most of the flaws identified in the documents.

"Such is the scale of the CIA's undertaking that by 2016, its hackers had utilized more code than that used to run Facebook", the WikiLeaks statement said.

Wikileaks has released a series of documents on the CIA that specify how the spy agency has been snooping on our private data using our smart home devices. Bob Ayers, retired US Intelligence official noted that Wikileaks has promised that it would release more CIA documents.

Most of the documents in the WikiLeaks release comprise technical instructions on how to perform a variety of tasks, from pirating copies of Windows 8 to turning a Samsung smart TV into a listening device.

The document dump marks the latest coup for the controversial WikiLeaks site, which found itself at the center of a political war a year ago for its role in releasing thousands of emails sent to and from Hillary Clinton's private email server during her time as secretary of state.

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Snowden's leak revealed the NSA was spying on Americans' phone records and disclosed PRISM, a program the NSA used to directly access servers of USA technology companies.

Reports state that these Central Intelligence Agency hacking tools have targeted iPhones, Android systems on personal phones like the one still used by the US President Donald Trump, popular Microsoft software, and Samsung smart TVs and have transformed these gadgets into microphones, according to WikiLeaks. In fact, as Snowden himself pointed out on Twitter on Tuesday, the new leaks included evidence that the United States government was also paying to keep software unsafe.

According to the Associated Press, the CIA used unflattering terms to deride antivirus makers, many of which the agency exploited through vulnerabilities in their software.

Because manufacturers and carriers can decide if and when certain phones get over-the-air updates for their Android devices, some people are left with older versions that can still be susceptible to the CIA's exploits.

One program, dubbed Weeping Angel, allegedly let spies gain control of the Samsung F8000 web-linked television.

  • Marjorie Miles