Brother-in-law 'admits murdering missing French family of four' in gold inheritance dispute

A 46-year-old dockyard worker confessed today to bludgeoning to death a family of four from Nantes who were reported missing more than two weeks ago.

Hubert C was arrested along with his ex-wife, Pascal's sister, in Brest on Sunday (5 February).

The man who allegedly killed them is married to Mr Troadec's sister.

The pair were detained in Brest, Brittany, the region the Troadecs came from and where several personal items belonging to them have been found.

An investigation into murder, abduction and illegal confinement is under way.

The four members of family have been missing since 16 February, in a case which has gripped France.

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Traces of blood from the parents, Pascal and Brigitte, and from son Sebastien, 21, were found on the staircase and ground floor during an initial search February 23 in the parents' home in Orvault, a suburb of Nantes. The national health card of their 18-year-old daughter, Charlotte, was found in a pair of pants in a ditch more than 270 kilometres (170 miles) away.

Investigators have also found Sebastien's auto, while a jogger discovered items belonging to Charlotte in a forested area three hours from where she was last seen.

The bloodstains of the parents as well as Sebastien were found in the family home, though Charlotte's were not.

The couple had already been questioned by police at the beginning of the inquiry into the mysterious disappearance of the Troadec family, the sources said confirming reports in a local newspaper.

Traces of blood were found on Sebastien's phone, on Brigitte's watch and under the stairs, and it appeared that someone had tried to wipe them away.

  • Megan Austin