Dave Chappelle's Netflix comedy specials previewed in new teaser

Not everything is very bad. "Simpson on four different occasions" and "I'm black, but I'm also Dave Chappelle". The streaming service plans to release a new stand-up comedy special every week for the rest of the year, The Verge reports.

A teaser trailer for the two Netflix specials shows Chappelle sitting pensively outside at a cafe, smoking a cigarette, as an audio recording, presumably from the upcoming special, plays in the background.

In the teaser and accompanying tweet, Netflix uses the semi-vague description of "two specials, one event". The company says the specials will be available everywhere Netflix is available (pretty much everywhere except China).

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Dave Chappelle's stand up specials were beloved in their time and are still extremely popular today, so for him to finally make his stand-up return - and to do so via Netflix exclusively - is a pretty huge deal all around.

Chappelle joined Saturday Night Live as host last November, marking the first episode of the NBC series since the presidential election. I don't even know what she's doing in the news. "We've actually elected an internet troll as our president".

With its lineup of comedians slated to appear in the coming months, it's clear that Netflix's efforts are no joke.

  • Stacy Houston