Bills would have interest in Denver QB Trevor Siemian

Although they did not mention Romo specifically, both did not shoot down the notion of adding a veteran quarterback to join Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian, who as of now are set for an open competition this summer.

The Cowboys could release Romo as early as March 9, the start of free agency, which seems more likely than a trade. However, Trevor Siemian took control of the team in training camp previous year, and never let go.

Siemian went 8-6 and threw for 3,400 yards with 18 TDs and 10 interceptions, statistics all the more impressive, Joseph said, when you consider he played most of the season with a severely damaged shoulder. Obviously he has great skills.

"Right now we've got two guys, and no one's available that we can even talk about". After what amounted to a year off from football as Dak Prescott took his job and ran with it, Romo has opted for adorable videos involving his sons instead of dark, brooding videos where he speaks directly into the phone about aging and how darkness will one day envelop us all.

"Is he ready? I am not sure. He's a tall man with a big arm", Joseph said.

Spielman was ready for the questions about Peterson.

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You can see how I have some of the QBs in this draft graded so far on my draft board, and the outlook for this class is a dark as ever.

The decisions he must make now are similar to the ones he had to make last off-season, when his team lacked a proven starting quarterback and a reliable offensive line.

Denver Broncos general manager John Elway said his team would be "open to anything", in regard to adding a veteran quarterback.

The National Football League never sleeps, and the biggest story coming out of the 2017 Scouting Combine may very well involve a ten-year NFL starting quarterback instead of the prospects that will continue to make their own headlines up until April.

Additionally, reports do not indicate if the Bills would take on Siemian and Taylor, or if Siemian would be potential replacement.

There are teams that like Romo and places he would be inclined to play, and this will sort itself out in a matter of weeks. "We always want to do what's best for the team first", Garrett said. "We drafted Paxton to come in and compete for a job, Trevor did a good job a year ago, but we're looking for a guy we can hang our hat on for a long, long time". They're not in a hurry with Lynch, and they feel they can win with what they have if Lynch and Siemian remain the only two quarterbacks in the conversation.

  • Regina Walsh