Nintendo finally pulls the curtain back on the Switch eShop

In a very similar fashion, a Tesco Spokesperson said that "Customers should pre-order for the Nintendo Switch", this suggests that Tesco will not be selling the console physically to the walk-in customers. Finally, Nintendo says that games will continue to download even when the Switch is in sleep mode, which isn't surprising, but we're still glad to know for sure.

It's been long time since we had a new console launch to get excited about.

Even though pre-orders sold out nearly as soon as they went on sale last month, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and GameStop will be selling limited quantities of Nintendo's first new console since the Wii U.

For some unknown reason, one of the reviewers made a decision to lick the game cartridge to see what it tasted like.

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The Nintendo Switch starts at $299.

However, other gamers have since posted videos online of their reactions to tasting the cartridges and Nintendo has confirmed the use of a chemical agent. Some players will also likely find the packaged Joy-Con controllers a bit cramped for serious gaming. NeoGAF user ArcaneFreeze broke down the supported languages for the Japanese launch games.

There's a lot of excitement in the air for tonight's launch of the Nintendo Switch - but just how successful will it be this year? Also, Zelda doesn't make use of the Joy-Con controllers in any unique way, so I'm not sure if they're fantastic, or downright bad.

This seems to be the first time Nintendo thought about trying to prevent cartridges being ingested, and it looks as though they are on to a victor. But Nindies mean we can actually play out one of the most chuckle-worthy scenes from the reveal: when Definitely Not Amelie takes her Switch over to Conventionally Attractive Millennial Friend's rooftop party.

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