Transgender Wrestler Mack Beggs Wins Class 6A Girls' State Championship in Texas

Just this week, the Trump administration announced an end to federal protections that allowed transgender students to use facilities based on their gender identity, leaving states and school districts to determine their own policies.

Latham gave Beggs as much as he could handle, avoiding being pinned and taking the match the distance.

As Beggs has undergone testosterone therapy while transitioning from girl to boy, he compiled a 56-0 record this season.

"There's a reason they're called performance-enhancing drugs and why they're banned by every anti-doping agency in the world", said the father who filed the suit, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

A mixture of cheers and boos rang in the arena as the referee declared the undefeated Beggs the victor over Chelsea Sanchez in the 110-pound weight class. "But naturally with the testosterone usage, it's not the same as it was today", said Lisa Latham, whose daughter lost to Mack in the first round of the finals. "She's being forced into that position".

This had led to a parent of a girl trying to block him competing by filing a lawsuit.

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What Beggs is facing became even more prescient this week, when President Donald Trump lifted former President Barack Obama's protections for trans students in public schools. Join us in a conversation about world events, the newsgathering process or whatever aspect of the news universe you find interesting or important.

Beggs is nearly two years into a female-to-male transition. "But every indication is, the way the winds are going now, the blame rests with the UIL and the superintendents". The result is a Catch-22 in which a girl becoming a boy gets to compete against the former while enjoying some of the benefits of being the latter.

I'll leave it to people who know the sport better than I do to confirm or debunk that.

Beggs, 17, advanced to the state final after pinning Kailyn Clay of Grand Prairie High School in a semifinal match Saturday morning.

"The thing is, we want to wrestle each other", Beggs wrote on last week Facebook.

A change to the UIL policy would require a committee's recommendation that would then be sent to the larger membership for a vote.

  • Regina Holmes