Mobile Announces 5GHz LTE Technology Roll Out In Spring

On its face, that sounds pretty boring. T-Mobile is deploying LTE-U technology from Nokia and Ericsson. LTE-U will also aid in T-Mobile's upcoming Gigabit LTE efforts, the carrier says.

LTE-U is so called because it refers to a spectrum that is now unlicensed. "T-Mobile's built a track record of introducing new innovations first, including deploying more LTE Advanced technologies than anyone in the U.S. All that innovation means one thing - a fantastic customer experience". T-Mobile has been working with the 5GHz spectrum for a while though, so we're confident that will go fine.

You'll likely need a new phone to see the benefits, though.

Un-carrier prepares LTE-U network to be launched in Spring: T-Mobile releases information about their LTE-U network project.

Recently appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has been no stranger to controversy in his first few weeks on the job, however, and the decision to authorize LTE-U isn't entirely different. When Wi-Fi demand increases, LTE-U will "back off".

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But the concept had previously raised concerns from WiFi-dependent firms like Google and cable companies that sell in-home WiFi service. Critics say that will cause interference with WiFi devices. It adds that LTE-U constantly seeks the least utilised channels to maximise efficiency and performance for everyone.

Verizon said in a statement it too plans to have LTE-U ready by spring.

"It is critical that stakeholders continue to follow through on their commitments by ensuring equipment deployments operate as tested to ensure LTE-U services coexist fairly in the real world", the group said. Essentially, both WiFi and LTE industry players have said it's ok, and the FCC is happy with that.

Federal regulators said Wednesday that they will allow certain new wireless devices to use a portion of unlicensed airwaves now used largely for Wi-Fi, a move aimed at ending a long-running dispute between industries. At the moment T-Mobile's LTE network is recognized as America's fastest according to multiple independent third-party studies.

  • Kyle Warner