Apple Watch Series 3 To Use New Touch Panels

Not much is known about Apple Watch Series 3 but a leak has now surfaced online, offering a little titbit about the rumored smartwatch.

Keep in mind though that the new version of Strava supports Apple Watch Series 2 only.

Sources familiar with the matter told DigiTimes that the Apple Watch Series 3 would feature a new glass-film touchscreen rather than the touch-on-lens (TOL) solution used in the current Apple Watch models.

TPK Holdings has supplied the touchscreens for the watch since the device hit the market in 2015. These displays were produced by TPK Holding but it is understood that its yield rate is low and has been struggling to meet demand.

To address its profit needs, TPK is expected to divert its focus towards the production of 3D sensor-based touch panels for smartphone devices sporting OLED displays this year.

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Digitimes detailed that Apple is wanting to use another glass-film touch display solution for the up and coming Watch Series 3, rather than the glass on glass series, which has been used up until this point.

According to Gadgets360, the most awaited Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to come with cellular or mobile connectivity, a better battery life, sleep tracking feature and an always-on display. Apple may be able to save a lot in the production cost if they use this type of screen. Apple Watch users will be getting Global Positioning System support and the option to record Strava activities using their smartwatch without having to carry their smartphones with them. Although the patent was filed by Apple in 2015, it has just received an approval on February 2 this year directly from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office (USPTO).

Apple Watch Series 3 will be the third generation smartwatches that were developed by Apple Inc. since the original model was released nearly two years ago.

The Apple Watch Series 2 was a modest but welcome improvement over the original Apple wearable, but with stiff competition from Samsung and LG, it's already extremely clear that the next iteration of the Apple Watch will need to be pretty impressive in order to set it apart.

  • Regina Walsh