New "carousel" feature lets you upload multiple photos and videos at once

The new feature allows Instagram users to group together 10 images or videos as a single post and share it with friends or followers. The multimedia will exist in a single carousel post that users can swipe through horizontally.

To distinguish these new carousel-like posts from standard posts, Instagram has added an icon within your profile feed to denote that there are more images within the post.

This "surprise" update, as Instagram calls it, is extremely refreshing compared to other recent new features such as, "Story", which got a ton of flack for copying Snapchat, or "Live", which is available on almost every other popular social platform today.

With its latest update, rolling out on Android and on iOS over the next few weeks, Instagram has added support for photo albums. Once you have the photos picked out, make sure they're properly filtered, then post away. Tap on up to ten photos or videos and Instagram will automatically turn the content into an album-like gallery post.

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Once all of your photos and videos have been uploaded, press and hold an individual post to change the order. This furthers Instagram's quest to be more than where you "only get to see the highlights", that Systrom described as the motive behind launching Instagram Stories. From another user's point of view, they'll see blue dots underneath a photo, which shows that they can then swipe to the right and left to go through the gallery.

"With this update, you no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember", says the post. Prior to publish, you will be given an option to rearrange or reorder photos and videos.

Instagram is extending the number of photos and videos that brands can include in their slideshow-like carousel ads and opening up the format to organic posts, the Facebook-owned company announced on Wednesday. Which made it all the more inexplicable that Instagram restricted photo carousels to its advertisers.

  • Regina Walsh