Logan: A movie with few superheroes?

According to a report from Collider, fans of the X-Men should definitely stick around once the credits begin rolling for Logan since they have confirmed that there will in fact be a post-credits scene.

"One of the things I've been aware of is that one of the reasons why a lot of different films have come out of the comics world in recent times is that they continue to work on the model of If we make a movie with 4 superheroes, next time it will take 7 and then 12". Of course, this is a rather old trick: Marvel is known for screening films for critics and leaving at least one post-credits scene off the print so that reporters don't spoil it for the public, and Fox seems to be taking that tack as well.

So while secretly adding new scenes isn't exactly a new practice, doing so for this particular film would be fascinating because of the way it ends. For the director of The Wolverine and Logan, indisputably the two best films in the Wolverine spin-off trilogy, nothing seems "less Wolverine-like" than "to put on a trademarked outfit, particularly canary yellow".

Just consider: If Hugh Jackman's feral furry mutant did not originate from Marvel's X-Men universe, many filmgoers might not even view it as comic-book fare.

Just because it's fun, let's assume that Logan will have an after-credits scene.

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Logan, starring Hugh Jackman in what may be his final appearance as the clawed superhero, opens on March 3.

The film ends with Logan helping X-23 and a bunch of other runaway experimental mutants fight off the scientists who created them, but in the process of helping them escape, Logan is killed.

"Logan", in fact, is now just behind the best-reviewed X-Men movie ever, according to MetaCritic.com; with an aggregate score of "73", it now sits just one point behind 2014's "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Rumors flew at the end of previous year that Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool might appear in a cameo in the film, but both Mangold, Reynolds, and Jackman all denied that would happen.

Just enough time for a short scene at the end of the credits.

  • Regina Walsh