Joe Girardi unveils way Major League Baseball could speed up games

Grilli has never played in a game where a player has scored on a wild pitch during an intentional walk, but he has seen them.

Baseball has made a number of changes to the game in recent years, including rules on sliding into catchers and at second base as well as the landmark addition of instant replay in 2008. Is it really that important to speed up the game (with this rule)? National League playoff games last season were exceeding four hours - and they didn't need extra innings! That's something I'd like to know.

Clark added "my understanding is that Major League Baseball wants to continue with the replay changes (2-minute limit) and the no-pitch intentional walks and the pace of game warning/fine adjustments". By removing the intentional walk from the game, it allows the game to move along to the next batter.

Numerous rule changes the MLB is interested in - including implementing a 20-second pitch clock, and forcing the ball into play more rapidly while also limiting visits to the pitcher's mound made by players, coaches, and managers - are geared towards reducing slow moments between action in Major League Baseball.

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Managers who spoke to the AP and ESPN didn't seem to think the change was a big deal. Some players come into camp looking for a new contract, some are looking at a their first season with a new team and others are just looking to continue playing the game they love.

Reuters's report says, citing a source, that both companies are already in advanced talks.

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred did not confirm the report by ESPN at a press conference Tuesday. He had also proposed changing the strike zone, limiting trips to the mound and installing pitch clocks, but the union vetoed those ideas, per a separate report from the AP and ESPN.

Pitcher Jason Grilli said talk about rule changes is not unusual during spring training but he believes the new directive takes away an element of chance for teams; intentional walks were not a given until Wednesday. Wild pitches, batters swinging at insane throws and sometimes even getting hits will be a thing of the past.

  • Regina Holmes