Commissioner orders inquiry after Kerala couple's video exposed cops' moral policing

Meanwhile, the police claimed that the couple's behaviour was creating nuisance.

"I am pained to learn the complaint (though I have not received), about some police personnel (Vanitha Police), who reportedly misbehaved with a couple in the premises of the Museum, Thiruvananthapuram yesterday (21.02.2017)".

Responding to this incident of moral policing, Kerala Police Chief posted an apology note on Facebook, pointing out that no one, not even the police, "has the right to disturb or harass any couple anywhere,".

The News Minute, that translated the entire video, reports one of the cops telling the couple that they would call their parents and then think of whether to marry them off or not, and that otherwise "such acts" were not allowed in public places.

However, many people in the society do not support public display of affection in any public place and they normally call the police.

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Vishnu Vichu's actions compelled the two policewomen and a policeman to specify what "indecent" act they were involved in. Answered in the negative, they said they would not "endorse" such behaviour, she added. To this, Vishnu demanded to know what we had done wrong. Though they took many into custody many complained that at times, they over-stretched to fill the required quota of cases. In the FB video, Vishnu is then seen demanding to know what law he broke by sitting with his arm around the shoulders of a woman.

Later, two male constables joined them and asked the couple to go to the police station.

However, Vishnu faced them bravely and asked: "Tell us what vulgar activity have we committed?" When the couple went to the police station, their parents were summoned, who are said to have told that they did not want to interfere in the matter.

As per the police, both were taken to the police station, as the couple had allegedly made some obscene gestures and a case has been registered against them.

  • Regina Holmes