Miami Dolphins save $15.7 million by cutting Mario Williams and Brandon Albert

With free agency coming up and teams now being allowed to use the franchise tag, the Dolphins decided they needed money more than an aging vet. The veteran should come much cheaper than the $10 million he was earning in Miami this year. As Garafolo reported, Laremy Tunsil, the 13th overall pick in last year's draft, will enter 2017 as the starter in Albert's absence.

Those transactions should bring the Dolphins to roughly $50 million in cap space based on the projected salary cap increase, which estimates that the 2017 salary cap will be $168 million.

It's been widely believed that the Dolphins were grooming Tunsil to be their long term answer at left tackle. His level of play did start to drop off this season, though, as he struggled with separate ankle and wrist injuries for most of the year.

The moves are not surprising as the team has younger players to succeed these guys, and with Williams and Mitchell, they had already lost their jobs.

The Dolphins surprised everyone last season by surging after a awful start and making the playoffs.

Mario Williams joined the Dolphins after four seasons with the Buffalo Bills
Mario Williams joined the Dolphins after four seasons with the Buffalo Bills

The 32 year-old Williams seems to be washed up after recording 1.5 sacks in 2016 for Miami. He had a career-low 1.5 sacks and also suffered concussion and ankle injuries.

Williams recorded 97.5 sacks during his 11-year National Football League career.

From the moment Tunsil was drafted, it was obvious even to Albert that Tunsil eventually would take over that key position on the Dolphins' offensive line.

Albert started 12 games in 2016.

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