TN Department of Health says to Get a Flu Shot

Deaths from flu-related complications and hospitalizations among children and the elderly remain high.

Lexington health officials say that confirmed cases of the flu this year has reached 120 cases. The high-dose flu vaccine for those over 65 years of age is a trivalent vaccine and contains two influenza A strains and one influenza B strain. Health department employees say they started seeing cases of the flu in early September.

The number of patients hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza was 913, an 8 percent decrease over last week.

At least 20 children have reportedly died from the flu.

The number of flu cases in the Tri Cities has soared over the past two weeks and are outpacing 2016 levels.

In a typical flu season, flu complications - including pneumonia - send more than 200,000 Americans to the hospital.

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Flu season in OH generally lasts from October to May, and peaks around this time of year.

Unlike other research teams that focus on "universal" flu vaccines that could be administered once, like a MMR immunization, Dr. Ross's team believes that the key to successfully implementing a "permanent" flu shot is to create one that needs to be repeated every three to five years.

In Putnam County, the health department is tracking flu cases.

However, DPH also says children, teens and young adults have been hit hard by the flu this season.

This means there's no more nasal flu vaccine, which experts found practically ineffective.

Of course, the flu can usually be prevented by getting vaccinated, and though all kids hate that dreaded fall flu shot, it seems to work well in keeping them healthy. Called FluMist, this flu nasal form is made from a weakened flu virus form, unlike traditional shots using dead virus. "Other preventive measures include keeping your hands away from your face, sneezing/coughing into your elbow and staying home when you do not feel well, especially if you have a fever", stated Cunningham.

  • Phil Peters