Nicki Minaj Just Blasted Famous Shoe Designer Giuseppe Zanotti For Racism

Nicki Minaj summoned her "barbz" on social media to get the attention of designer Giuseppe Zanotti after he failed to respond to her request to host a meeting.

Back in 2011, Giuseppe Zanotti Designs designed a sneaker inspired by Nicki Minaj (and worn by the rapper in a Glamour spread), which was then sold as part of the brand's main collection.

No suspects have been arrested yet, but police believe the crime may have been committed by someone who knows the 34-year-old singer.

"This is wonderful. #GiuseppeZanotti seems to think it's ok to name his sneakers after me but his PR says they won't take our call", she tweeted, while adding in another tweet "I met #GiuseppeZanotti years ago". Now on his site, there are several variations of the "Nicki" sneaker, which is offered in both low-top and high-top styles with a side zipper. Lil black girl can inspire u but ain't worth a collection my n**?'

"The racism & disrespect won't [be] tolerated", Minaj tweeted - soon enough, the #GiuseppeWhatsGood hashtag was trending worldwide.

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The rapper continued bashing the famed designer on Instagram, saying "So exhausted of ppl taking my kindness for weakness". You're not taking MY call? Lol. "Give some money to charity in my name or something".

One of those stars he has a capsule collection with is Jennifer Lopez, 47.

- Anthony (@AnthonyRCruz_) February 3, 2017 Well that's a start.

So, tell us, do U agree with the inspiring artist or are U on the shoe designer's side?

  • Megan Austin