ACA Enrollment by the Numbers

Last month, Congressional Republicans, who have been seeking to repeal Obamacare for almost eight years, started the move to repeal and replace the controversial healthcare law. Perhaps the reason for the inability of Congress, specifically the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, to begin crafting a replacement plan is due to Trump's vow to "provide care for everybody".

And that should be a concern to more than 23,000 Alaskans taking advantage of Medicaid expansion.

But why register for health insurance if your plan might get kicked to the curb and become obsolete later this year?

Now, with President Donald Trump in office, GOP lawmakers have an executive in the White House who has said he supports Obamacare's repeal. They say ending it would mean sending healthcare costs through the roof and put health insurance companies back in control of people's healthcare.Any efforts that regulators and policymakers do take to improve the ACA, he said, must be done in a "deliberate and thoughtful" way.

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Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele said after 6 years of repeatedly voting to overturn Obamacare, he's surprised his party doesn't have a plan ready to go. Jim Jordan of OH and Mark Meadows of North Carolina pushed GOP leaders to bring the legislation unwinding major provisions of the Affordable Care Act and defunding Planned Parenthood to the floor for a vote.

Importantly, the ACA changed the discussion of American health care.

The Native American Health Care Act gives tribal members access to care in rural areas and expands healthcare for Native American veterans. In addition, the ACA raised the age that dependents can receive health insurance under their parents to the age of 26.

This is a room of the ACA House we need to remodel - maybe down to the studs.

Republicans will likely seize on the numbers to argue that the Affordable Care Act marketplaces are collapsing, as fewer people decide to enroll in benefits. In some cases the available premium costs won't work financially for those seeking coverage. Other necessary steps include recalibrating premium subsidies to encourage more young people to participate, federal risk pool funding and continuous coverage incentives. "I know when I get my income tax, I want my full refund".

  • Megan Austin