USA president tasks team with finding new anti-IS partners

Saturday afternoon, President Donald Trump again took pen in hand and signed three more executive orders, one of them mandating US military leadership draft and present a plan to defeat ISIS in the next 30 days.

Trump "could elect to put American boots on the ground on larger numbers", Barno said.

Trump also demanded additional means of cutting off financial support to IS, and a "detailed" strategy on how the USA will fund this initiative, the document showed.

"Within 30 days, a preliminary draft of the Plan to defeat ISIS shall be submitted to the President by the Secretary of Defense." .

The White House is also expected to press for a review of the United States nuclear posture - one that retains all three legs of the nuclear arsenal with weapons aboard bombers and submarines and in underground missile silos - as well as a review of how to achieve the president's goal of fielding a "state of the art" antimissile system.

US President Donald Trump's hardline attitude towards what he calls

"I'm signing an executive action to begin a great rebuilding of the armed services of the United States, developing a plan for new planes, new ships, new resources and new tools for our men and women in uniform", he said in a brief address to a crowd made up of civilians and uniformed service members.

Trump met with Mattis, Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the chiefs of all the military branches in a Pentagon conference room. On the campaign trail, Trump slammed his predecessor's approach to the fight against ISIS, saying the Obama administration was hamstrung by political correctness and public discussion about its plans.

"The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is not the only threat from radical Islamic terrorism that the U.S. faces, but it is among the most vicious and aggressive".

Retired Marine Corps general James Mattis.

A senior administration official told reporters that Trump might sign the order as early as Saturday. The order imposes a five-year ban on other lobbying.

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