Gears Of War 4's Social Quickplay Playlist Is Going Cross-Platform

Gears of War 4, the latest entry in the series developed by The Coalition, has been released last on PC and Xbox One without any crossplay feature.

Starting Friday, Gears of War 4's Social Quickplay mode now defaults to a cross-play playlist, putting Xbox One and PC players in competition with one another as part of the matchmaking process.

Two multiplayer modes that will stay independent to each platform are the Core and Competitive variants of PvP.

Players in both Xbox One and PC platforms seem pleased about the new development.

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Obviously the demand is there for Xbox One and Windows PC players to duke it out with one another, and it's also nice to see that nearly every social match played through to the end, even more so than when cross-play isn't featured.

More than 115,000 people took part in the cross-play test weekend past year and the split was very lopsided; 91 percent of players were on Xbox One, compared to 9 percent on PC.

According to The Coalition, the game's developer, the cross-platform play transpires in Social Quickplay for Xbox One and Windows 10 users. At the onset, the initial few months will be considered a "trial period" of sorts where they will gather user feedback to make sure it was representative of the Test Weekend. "HW2 doesn't for some longer standing engine reasons but going forward cross-play is a good feature". To underscore this, The Coalition cited that 90 percent of the matches involved a mix of Xbox One and Windows 10 players. Even if the Average KD was said to be close during the testing phases, the developers still want "to ensure our Ranked experiences are as closely matched and competitive as possible". That said, this kind of progress shows the potential for a future where it won't matter where you buy your games or what you play them on, you will still be able to play with your friends.

  • Regina Walsh