WWE Needs a Women's Royal Rumble

He's one of the only people entered in the Royal Rumble that could challenge either the WWE or Universal Champion.

Meanwhile, Reigns just became the first babyface in WWE history to win PWI's "Most Hated Wrestler of the Year" Award.

The first Royal Rumble, was won by "HACKSAW" JIM DUGGAN, who lastly eliminated One Man Gang to triumph in 1988. If Jim Ross is right, the build towards the Royal Rumble will see the event do it justice. Vince McMahon is viewing this year's Wrestlemania as Roman's last chance to get over with the fans.

WWE itself seems to be playing up Goldberg in the run-up to Royal Rumble.

Not only is WWE in the midst of WrestleMania season, but Zayn has steadily risen through his mutually beneficial feud with Braun Strowman. On Thursday, WWE announced it is bringing its annual Royal Rumble event to the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia on January 28, 2018.

Nearly as iconic as the match itself was the Nature Boy's promo afterwards, in which he famously proclaimed, "I'm gonna' tell you all, with a tear in my eye: This is the greatest moment in my life".

Osaka knocked out of Australian Open
The Dane, who is a former semifinalist at Melbourne Park, is through to the third round for the first time since 2014. I knew going into the match I had played her once previously, and we had two close sets.

On the Fallout show, we spotted Big Show who was ready for Royal Rumble. What I will say is that WWE is pretty prickly about competition, and it looks like one day pretty soon New Japan could be exactly that.

After humiliating the beasts incarnate Brock Lesnar at Survivors Series, the Jack Hammering machine Goldberg made his return.

Big Show's new physique is most probably for his expected high-profile match against Shaquille O'Neal at Wrestlemania 33, but what else is now on WWE's biggest card of the year? Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon have chose to remedy this by putting two referees in the match. Of course, a lot of that talk recently has surrounded a potential appearance by independent wrestling sensation Kenny Omega, who may be done with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The other star is Chris Jericho, best friend of Kevin Owens.

No, it wasn't a reference to Brock Lesnar busting Randy Orton's head open at Summerslam.

One final run at a world title has always been touted, with John Cena seen as a possible foe in what would prove to be one for the ages if it came to fruition. It's plausible that WWE officials may want Roman Reigns to go over Undertaker at Wrestlemania, which may be a problem with the WWE Universe.

  • Stacy Houston