IRS says to expect changes in filings

One notifies filers checking in at the busiest sites when their turn is up; another provides subscribers tax season information, reminders and updates.

The IRS will begin accepting electronic tax returns that day, with more than 153 million individual tax returns expected to be filed in 2017. Taxpayers who are changing tax software products this filing season will need their adjusted gross income from their 2015 tax return in order to file electronically.

Another thing to remember is you might not get your tax refund as soon as you'd like.

The deadline to file 2016 tax returns for the IRS is April 18 while Virginia tax returns are due May 1, according to a news release. Pay as much as you can and then set up a payment agreement with the Department of Revenue for the balance.

Any ITIN that hasn't been used on a tax return at least once in the past three years, as well as any ITIN with middle digits of 78 or 79, must be renewed before a return can be processed.

You can find the site that's most convenient for you by calling 311, searching this interactive map or texting "taxes" to 42033.

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Beshear and his Office of Senior Protection and Mediation recommends these tips from to help Kentucky families avoid falling victim to tax-related identity theft. "The electronic filing PIN is no longer an option". The deadline for state individual income tax filings is May 15.

The tax filing season starts January 23rd. but the new law requires the IRS to delay tax refunds for people claiming the EITC and ACTC credits until February 15th.

The IRS continues to see an increase in taxpayers requesting direct deposit for their refunds.

The affected refunds will start being released on February 15 but they may not arrive in bank accounts until the week of February 27, as it will take more time for financial institutions to accept and deposit the refunds.

H&R Block's website also offers free access to tools like tax and W-4 calculators to compute your refund, and explanatory articles and FAQ pages on subjects such as tax credits and audits. More information about preventing identity theft is available at

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