Buttons for buttocks: Bidet toilet manufacturers agree to standardized symbols

Buttons for buttocks: Bidet toilet manufacturers agree to standardized symbols


OK, perhaps we were yanking your chain with the last one.

Designers of the member companies created the new pictograms in the belief they are simple and easy to understand.

The symbols will also be uncurled on modular devices that retrofit regular toilets.

According to the Verge, the decision was reached by the toilet manufacturers following feedback from foreign tourists who said they were "often unable to understand the controls" that have features that are not seen on Western toilets.

Japan has been drawing record numbers of tourists in recent years and Tokyo is expecting millions of visitors when it hosts the Olympic Games in 2020.

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The eight symbols explain how to flush and open and close the lid as well as to activate the front and back cleanse and drying functions.

17 that it will unify eight pictograms that indicate each of the functions for toilet seats with built-in bidets.

The standardized signs will start appearing on new toilets, as well as on separate units that fit onto existing toilets, from this April, enabling visitors to do what they have to do with a whole lot more confidence.

The movement was driven by concern in Japan that foreign tourists were confused by the bewildering array of symbols used to depict what the terrifying electrobogs do to one's nether regions.

The sanitation industry in Japan has agreed to simplify pictograms in the country's hi-tech toilets so users can follow them easily.

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