Bombings in Kabul near Afghanistan's parliament kill dozens

A North Atlantic Treaty Organisation probe has cleared USA troops of responsibility for the deaths of 33 civilians in a battle with the Taliban in November, a military statement said Thursday.

The violence happened when Afghan forces, accompanied by USA military advisers, arrived in Boz, a village in Kunduz province, and began taking fire from Taliban fighters posted inside homes.

The report, published on Thursday, said 33 civilians were killed and 27 wounded last November when a USA and Afghan special forces unit returned fire against Taliban fighters in the village of Boz, near Kunduz, and called in air support. Both U.S. and Afghan troops suffered casualties, and responded by calling in airstrikes on the village.

The U.S. military said its investigation concluded that its forces acted in self-defense and that the aircraft used the minimum force required to protect the troops. Some of the civilians were believed to have been relatives of the Taliban fighters.

The Taliban has continued to launch attacks and seize territory in Afghanistan, as USA and allied forces have withdrawn troops from the country. Another four USA and 11 Afghan troops were wounded.

"Regardless of the circumstances, I deeply regret the loss of innocent lives", Nicholson said.

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In all, 33 Afghan civilians were killed and another 27 injured. Almost 9,000 USA personnel remain in the country.

The operation came as the USA military stepped up efforts to help Afghan troops secure the city of Kunduz, Afghanistan's fifth largest and the capital of Kunduz province.

"It has been determined that no further action will be taken because US forces acted in self-defense and followed all applicable law and policy", the statement concluded.

The raid also killed 26 Taliban fighters and wounded around 26 other insurgents, the USA military report said.

"All of us at the American University of Afghanistan -students, staff, trustees and fellow faculty - are saddened and pained by what we have seen in the video the Taliban released using our colleagues, Tim and Kevin". The region is among the most volatile regions in the country, with the poppy-growing drug trade financing the Taliban insurgency. King asks that the USA government work towards securing a prisoner swap, with Taliban prisoners from Bagram Prison being released in exchange for King and Weeks.

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