Jared Kushner to transfer Observer interest to family trust

She carved out a role as a pathbreaking professional woman, but now future first daughter Ivanka Trump is to focus on raising her four kids in Washington. Although the appointment was criticized at the time, according to Time the president joked, "I can't see that it's wrong to give him a little legal experience before he goes out to practice law".

Donald Trump, the NY businessman will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America on 20 January.

Ivanka and Donald Trump at the ribbon-cutting for the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.in October 2016.

The attorney for the President-elect Donald Trump's son in law announced on Tuesday that Jared Kushner plans to step away from his businesses and divest of "many, many" of his assets, for his preparation to step on the formal role of senior adviser to Trump.

Kushner, his wife Ivanka Trump and their children are not the beneficiaries of the family trust, the lawyers said.

Trump relied heavily on Kushner's advice during the campaign, and his move to the White House was expected.

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Selling the company's assets through an initial public offering - making the Trump Organization a public company listed on a stock market - would be a "cumbersome and complicated process" that is "not realistic" and would be "inappropriate", Dillon said.

The possibility that Trump's son-in-law would join his team was discussed for several weeks, although that would appear to pose personal challenges for Kushner because he would have to divest himself from his business activities to take on a government post.

Politico reported on Monday that some of his assets will be sold to his brother Josh, while some others will be sold in part to a trust of which his mother is the trustee. Meaning this won't resolve his conflicts of interest. "Together, Don, Eric and Allen will have the authority to manage the Trump organization, and will make decisions for the duration of the presidency without any involvement whatsoever by President-elect Trump".

"What we are seeing now is, after the initial chaos of the Trump transition, that his nominees are now complying with the requirements of the law", said Eisen, who also served as Obama's ambassador to the Czech Republic. Trump is scheduled to hold a news conference on Wednesday to discuss his plans for dealing with myriad conflicts of interest raised by his sprawling global development, hotel, branding and entertainment empire.

No new deals will be made with foreign partners, Dillon said, and agreements in the process of being concluded will be cancelled, affecting about 30 deals.

  • Phil Peters