Amazon's Alexa appears in scores of new smart gadgets

Chief among these is the Lenovo Smart Assistant, a connected smart speaker that looks suspiciously like the Amazon Echo, albeit with improved audio abilities.

There are a few other convenient features, like a Smart Tag menu for adding stickers and marking expiration dates for items, which the fridge will then helpfully remind you of so you can ask Alexa to place a Prime order. The device has a lot in common with Amazon's Echo, including support for Alexa, which offers numerous same features as it does on the Echo.

Alexa, the "AI" assistant that powers Amazon's range of smart home speakers, has already proven popular after the strong launch of the Amazon Echo and Dot last year, and the company is stepping up the expansion of its ecosystem this year.

Using Alexa, ADT Pulse customers can now control their home security system through voice commands. There will also be a premium version of Lenovo's Smart Assistant with Alexa that taps Harmon Karmon for higher grade audio.

The always-listening nature of the Echo can be a bit creepy for some people, which is why the addition of a physical mute button on the top was a nice idea.

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Those snapping up the new Smart Assistant, which starts at $129, can even use the Alexa app to assist with set-up and usage. Now if you want to talk to your DVR, for example, you can train your smart remote to respond to IFTTT triggers - not the most user-friendly of solutions.

This will henceforth be known as the point when Amazon brought Alexa to everything.

If you keep up with our site, you have noticed plenty of articles involving smart home products or AI assistants.

Adds Mashable: "Lenovo has a smart speaker whose potential customers are easy to define: Everyone who wants an Amazon Echo, but needs better sound". In China, tech company LingLong past year started selling the DingDong smart speaker.

"We're excited to be working with Lenovo to integrate Alexa into their devices", Amazon spokeswoman Kinley Pearsall said Tuesday, though she declined to specify any future plans. The standard version will sell for $130 while the one with Harman Kardon speakers will cost $180.

  • Kyle Warner