Toddler suffers frostbite after being left alone in freezing auto overnight

A Colorado mother has been arrested after her 2-year-old son was found alone in snow-covered auto suffering from hypothermia and frostbite.

Officers in Thornton and Westminster began looking for the vehicle about an hour and a half earlier after the boy's mother reported it had been in an accident.

According to the arrest affidavit released by Thornton police, Carmon called 911 and said she believed she was in an accident late Friday night or early Saturday morning and couldn't find her child. The 26-year-old mother also accused of leaving behind her toddler for at least seven hours, all alone as freezing temperatures set in.

Police found Carmon's vehicle, a green Ford Fiesta, in a parking lot covered in snow, according to KMGH-TV. Officers said it had not been involved in a crash.

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The two-year-old was suffering from frostbite and hypothermia, and was transported to a hospital. But since the vehicle was covered in snow, she she couldn't see that anyone was inside.

Once the snow was removed and the vehicle could be investigated, officials say it showed no signs of being in an accident.

The woman was reportedly able to call someone to pick her up and got a ride home and went to bed, according to Thornton Police Department spokesman Matt Barnes.

They're not sure if Carmon was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but her arrest history shows she's been arrested three times for driving under the influence, most recently in November.

  • Phil Peters