Gambia coalition calls for leader to step down immediately

The association said Mr Jammeh must not be appointing judges who should have been since 2015 and in the present circumstances, any supreme court he impaneled for the purposes of hearing his election petition would be fundamentally tainted. In order to hear Jammeh's complaint, legal experts believe at least four judges must be hired. The first, a Nigerian, was sacked five weeks after his appointment then arrested and jailed.

Ali Nawaz Chowhan from Pakistan served for three months before abruptly leaving Gambia after acquitting the former navy chief in a treason case.

A senior government official told BBC on condition of anonymity. The Supreme Court wasn't existing for the last one year. "If it goes to court, we can prove every vote cast".

However, after he declared a week later that the vote was "fraudulent and unacceptable" and "the most devious election we have ever had", and vowing to take the matter to the country's supreme court, Barrow and his coalition said Jammeh should resign now. "The results are there for everyone to see".

The residence in the capital Banjul where Barrow was staying on Sunday was surrounded by around 30 unarmed supporters who said they were providing security after the police and military declined to protect him.

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"I think he should step down now", said Adama Barrow, who was declared the election victor.

The Security Council "urged President Jammeh to meet and cooperate" with the high level delegation, said Deputy Spanish U.N. Ambassador Juan Manuel Gonzalez de Linares Palou.

Jammeh has long had a troubled relationship with the global community due to accusations of human rights violations including the repression of political opposition and threats of violence and death against homosexuals.

The members of the Security Council called on outgoing President Jammeh to respect the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) protocol on democracy and good governance and the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, notably the rejection of unconstitutional changes of Government, and recalled the relevant provisions of Article 23 (4) of the AU Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance. The statement also expressed support for the Joint Statement issued by the African Union Commission, the ECOWAS Commission and the United Nations and further called on the Gambian people to remain peaceful and calm.

  • Megan Austin