Trump names fast food exec Andy Puzder as Labor pick

He also was an economic adviser to 2008 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who has been mentioned as a potential Trump pick for secretary of State.

As one of Trump's most outspoken defenders, Puzder frequently appeared on cable news and Twitter to talk up the benefits of having a business leader in the White House.

Puzder said he is looking forward to the opportunity to help Trump restore America's global economic leadership. "I'm proud to be offered the chance to serve in his Administration". Puzder recently co-authored the book, Job Creation: How It Really Works and Why Government Doesn't Understand It. Puzder was a corporate trial lawyer from 1984 to 1991 before making his name as a corporate turnaround specialist.

Puzder heads CKE Restaurants Holdings, the parent company of Carl's Jr., Hardee's and other chains.

His strategies were not without controversy.

Puzder once famously said of the controversy that sometimes follows Carl's Jr. campaigns: "If you don't complain, I go to the head of marketing and say, 'What's wrong with our ads?'" "I like lovely women eating burgers in bikinis". I have seen numerous positive character traits in Andy while working with him at Carl's a restaurant owner and franchisee for the past 13 years: he is solid on his word, honest in his approach, and very driven to overcome whatever challenges may come his way. "On the national stage, he's taken strident stands against raising the minimum wage and expanding overtime pay coverage". The class action lawsuit is still pending. " But he quickly noted, "But, Scott, today, she gave CBS News an email which she said she sent to Puzder just last week which states that she made the whole thing up".

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Labour leaders have been girding for Trump to appoint pro-business regulators at the labour department and the National Labor Relations Board, and to roll back key regulatory initiatives of the Obama administration such as the labour department rule granting overtime pay to more than four million salaried workers, both unionised and not unionised.

"Appointing Puzder to run the federal agency responsible for protecting workers is a slap in the face for every hard working American family", Warren added.

Disgust in Puzder's position of opposition to raising the minimum wage was a common theme through all the reports by ABC, CBS, and NBC. "You were not abusive".

In the same statement, Puzder, 66, said he agreed with Trump that "the right government policies can result in more jobs and better wages for the American worker". Lamar Alexander, who chairs the Senate committee that has jurisdiction over health and labor issues.

Another day another leftist freak out over an appointment by President-Elect Donald Trump from the Big Three networks. "If you focus on redistributing income, you're not going to create growth".

  • Marjorie Miles