Clinton leads Trump in early swing-state voting

Almost one out of every four registered voters in MA has already cast their ballot in the upcoming presidential contest.

Wisconsin residents who voted early in person can recast their ballot so long as they do so by Saturday, November 5, an election official told Business Insider.

Another 136,000 individuals have returned absentee ballots.

Friday is the last day of early voting.

As voters count down the days to November 8, more than 34 million Americans have already cast their ballots, including about 237,000 in Lee County, turning Election Day into what's more accurately called "Election Weeks".

Republicans now hold an edge of almost 2,000 votes over Democrats with, almost 1 million of those voters having registered with no party affiliation. And yet we may have high voter turnout.

In addition, the group's hotline has already received more than 1,000 calls across NY state and more than 50,000 nationwide with complaints and reports of a variety of problems, most commonly not finding one's name on voter registration rolls.

And yet, instead of engaging Latino voters, Republicans have driven them away with anti-immigrant policy proposals, the report says. After posting a graph showing how early voting in the OH counties that are home to Columbus and Cleveland has nearly reached 2012 levels, McDonald commented, "Why the Clinton campaign has not given up on Ohio".

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Voter education groups say Trump's call has the potential to cause major disruptions ahead of Election Day next Tuesday. "Trump will need to win election day by 10 points at this point to overtake and win the state of Nevada", he said.

Yet if the information voters would get up to Election Day would change the outcome of only one in five USA presidential races, the costs to democracy are huge.

But my main problem with early voting is different.

Oklahoma allows votes by absentee ballot, but once those are submitted, voters can not change their minds.

Thompson said the county is doing everything it can to get ballots to every voter who has requested one, including paying extra to mail the ballots faster. That's according to Bryan Dean, state Election Board spokesman.

There are about 4 million people in the state eligible to vote. Philadelphia elections commissioner Al Schmidt said such challenges are rare and those who knowingly file false claims could find themselves investigated by local authorities.

Davis said she understands the concerns voters may have. Ironically, that bill was signed into law by Gov. Mike Pence, Trump's vice presidential running mate.

"Any elector who, by accident or mistake, spoils or erroneously prepares a ballot may receive another by returning the defective ballot but not to exceed three ballots in all", state law reads. Some states provide penalties against electors who do not cast their votes as indicated by the popular vote, although the Supreme Court has never ruled on whether those laws and penalties are constitutional. Since the only way to override an absentee vote is to vote on Election Day, officials will not know how many people actually replace their vote until then. More than 31 million ballots have already been cast, or roughly a quarter of the total expected turnout.

  • Marjorie Miles